Research in fellowship with MSC-INHP

MSC-INHPs are unbiased forum of healthcare professionals with the aim to protect patients via creating a scientific public awareness regarding Research & Development of current and future therapeutic cancer drugs in development by promoting increasing awareness, providing recommendations, and leading discussions on ethics via workshops, training and conferences.

Our main activity is benchmarking benefit / risk profiles of current drug therapies and review of drug approval processes by various regulatory authorities and gap analysis e.g. biosimilars.


In our communication we focus on the current cancer therapy, regulatory requirements in context of old and new emerging products and patient safety.


«The wellbeing of humans is more than only lipservice»

Current Activity - Survey

Questioner to Health Care Professionals and Regulatory Authorities

The aim of the questioners is to measure current and future standard care of cancer therapy and measure patient outcome once the new development the Biosimilars are launched.

Questions to patients on cancer therapy

Our aim is to measure  cancer practices looking at current cancer therapies (baseline) and to measure expectations of individual patients for future cancer therapies. May we kindly ask you to fill out the following questionnaire.